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A little Review of new 35mm RPX 100 and RPX 400 in XTOL

Prices for Kodak Tri-X have increased so much (used to pay 3,50 EU per Roll of 36 a couple of years ago) i found myself looking for a substitute. I have tried Ilfords often praised HP5 but was not overly impressed …

The newish Rollei RPX 400 and 100 is a panchromatic Black and White Film with triacetate Filmbase made in Europe. The Prices for RPX 400 and 100 are on the very low end right now in Germany and i just ordered 20 additional Rolls from for 2,99 EU each. Damn, that’s cheap, eh? Maco recommends to develop this Film using their RPX-D Developer, esp. when you plan on push processing. 

Since im a creature of habit and a lazy person i have been developing my Film using undiluted Kodak XTOL as i do with all my Black and White Film. 9 Minutes at 20° Celsius, 4 minutes Fix and a wash – no special tricks or formula. Let’s check some pictures:

Rollei RPX 400 135-36

Rollei RPX 100 135-36

These pictures were shot using the Sunny 16 rule and scanned by a Noritsu LS-1100. I like the results, classic grain structure and very good latitude. (Of course the scanner does auto-correct my terrible expsure guesstimation to a large degree.) This filmstock dries super-flat, no curl to speak of.

Rollei RPX 400 is a traditional high-speed black and white film. This film is ideal for a wide range of photographic and scientific applications. Rollei RPX 400 is an excellent choice for available light situations and whenever you are facing limited light conditions but need excellent photographic results. (


Im sold and will be shooting this stuff for a long while. The Film is cheap (at least in Germany) and with good latitude, easy to develop with nice, classic looking grain. The rolls are well made and come in sturdy black canisters.

Datasheet Downloads (PDF):

2 thoughts on “A little Review of new 35mm RPX 100 and RPX 400 in XTOL

  1. Unfortunately, in the US Rolli RPX 400 is almost twice as expensive as Tri-X. It’s $8.99 a roll vs Tri-X at $5.25 per roll.

    I’m shooting Kentmere 400 and Ilford HP-5 in bulk for about $2.00 per roll.

  2. Hi Robert,

    but on the other Hand in the US pretty much all Kodak Film is cheaper than in Europe. 🙂

    Would you agree that Kentmere is very similar to Rollei RPX when you compare the results?

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